Process flow

carbon neutral energy saving and emission reduction


Device Configuration

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The kiln adopts clean energy natural gas and uses advanced German technology to realize automatic intelligent control system, which is more energy-saving, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

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Inspection machine

EBI: Intelligent image recognition system and high multiple recognition rate inspection equipment, with high speed intelligent 360 ℃ detection function, detecting up to 400 bottles per minute with high precision.

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bottle making machine

We have an automated, intelligent, and molded bottle production line equipped with fully automatic row and column machines and feeding control systems. We comprehensively promote the small mouth pressure blowing technology process, manufacture higher strength and lighter products, reduce customer production losses, and lower customer logistics costs. The product has a weight range of 100g-600g and a machine speed of 110-300 units per minute.

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The transportation and packaging equipment designed and manufactured by the top first-class manufacturers is adopted to ensure the safety and stability of the whole process of product transportation. The automatic palletizer and heat shrink packaging process are more intelligent, which greatly saves manpower and efficiency.

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