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Foshan Yuebo Industrial Co., Ltd. is a large-scale glass bottle manufacturer specializing in the production of white beer bottles, seasoning bottles, sauce bottles, glassware and high-white materials. The company covers an area of 130,000 square meters. National Industrial Park In the Science and Technology Park 

     The company attaches great importance to the ISO-9001 quality management system and focuses on the implementation of 5S on-site management methods. In 2000, the company has obtained ISO-9002 quality management certification, and in 2009 also obtained HACCP quality certification for the food industry, thus enabling this The company has become a very competitive enterprise in terms of equipment, talents and management. Regardless of the quality of our products, our company's management has reached the leading level in the domestic industry. We update the quality standards of our products every year, so that our products continue to improve the quality standards, and the high quality standards make our customers satisfied and have surprises. This makes our customers not have to worry about the use of glass bottles, such as bottle explosion, poor sealing, uneven size and so on.

     Foshan Yuebo Industrial Co., Ltd. sincerely hopes to become a friendly partner with customers all over the world.


of Leping Town, Sanshui District, Foshan City, the company has been adhering to the professional technology and dedication to manufacture customer-satisfied products since it was put into production in 1985. We have a group of professional management and technical personnel. All the production lines of the company are fully automatic determinant production lines, and each production line is equipped with international advanced quality inspection equipment, which guarantees stable quality for our company 24 without interruption. We have advanced equipment to lay a solid foundation for the manufacture of high quality glass products.

Foshan Yuebo Industrial Co., Ltd.

About Yuebo

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